Enhancing education for children through the arts since 2000.

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Charleston Marathon

YEA is funded by proceeds from the annual Charleston Marathon held each January.

Our Mission

Youth Endowment for the Arts supports equitable, quality cultural arts programming for Charleston Area Children.

South Carolina Supports the Arts

"We must work to ensure that every child in South Carolina from pre-school through 12th grade, has access to a quality, comprehensive, education in the arts, provided as a core component of the basic curriculum of every school. This basic arts curriculum should address all arts forms, including dance, drama, literature, music, and visual art, and explore the broad range of artistic expression, from the arts of traditional cultures to contemporary media."

About Youth Endowment for the Arts

Research proves that children need the arts! Test scores support the need for arts education for children, and show that the arts do make a difference. Finding a way to support children’s exposure to art can change their lives.

The R. Keith and Deborah C. Summey Youth Endowment for the Arts (YEA) started in 2000 as a way to enhance the educational experience of children in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. YEA serves all children in Charleston County by providing support to programs that increase equity in the arts for our youth.

YEA has sponsored artist in residence programs in local schools, provided opportunities for local kids to showcase their talent and even sponsored a summer “camp” program in New York City which involved a six-week residency in different artistic disciplines.

Ways of achieving the mission are ever-changing, so the need for YEA always exists! YEA can continue enhancing the lives of our local children through the arts.


  • BellSouth (AT&T)
  • Care Alliance
  • Coastal Asphalt
  • Robert O. Collins Construction
  • Donna & Warren Lasch
  • The John & Kathleen Rivers Foundation
  • Honorable Deborah C. Summey
  • Honorable R. Keith Summey
  • Spring Grove Environmental
  • The City of Charleston
  • The Town of Mt. Pleasant

Board of Directors

  • Charles Fox, President
  • Kyle Lahm, Secretary
  • Scott Love, Treasurer
  • Marty Besancon
  • Dr. James Braunreuther
  • Ingrid Brown
  • Barry Goldsmith
  • Howie Schomer
  • Mayor R. Keith Summey (Ex-Officio)
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